dephine your
personality &
manage your identity

"Together we will


what you've got


what you need


the means to meet

your need"

discover &

Whether your a one-man-band start-up, a multi-national power woman, an NGO or non-profit organisation, contact Studio 1.25 for well dephined:


on- and off-line visual communication

& concept development 


strategy, design and guidelines development for:


  • corporate design,

  • corporate communication,

  • corporate behaviour,

  • brand positioning.


art direction (free-lance) or in-house communication consultancy


short- or long term communication- and budget planning


creative brainstorm sessions using

e-transferium guidelines for:


  • teambuilding based on shared points of departure,

  • innovation projects and long term partnerships  



At Studio 1.25 we will in close cooperation with our client and - through 25 years of experience - build-up network of professionals, define what you've got, discover what you need and finally design the means to meet that need.


Studio 1.25 believes that the definition of any communication aim can be:

“The need that needs to be met”.

This definition also shows clearly that we have to separate out and define two parts:

  • first, the need and then, and only then
  • second, the means required to achieve the need:


Concept & Graphic design for:





Publicity campaign

Annual / Sustainability reports



Communication Strategy and Consultancy for:

Product innovation, -design and  market introduction

Guidelines for intern- and external communication development and implementation


Art direction and creative direction in collaboration with professional partner network for:

Photo shoots

Website development

On-line branding- / activation- / publicity campaign