Frans Aerdts 

" One can only find

the meaning of life,

if many

will live meaningful

to life itself "

my personality dephined

What defines a personality?

Design, communication and behaviour, are what we use from a strategic point of view.


A human personality is not determined by fashion, education or social background, these merely reflect the personality but by themselves can never be the personality. One should meet and interact, socialize, connect, debate, work, learn with a person to really get to know each other. Yet some of my personal interests I'll share with you on this page.


My identity can be summed up in some basic details:


F.J.M.Aerdts (Male), Frans

30-12-1969, Venlo, the Netherlands



Hendrikxstraat 78

5912BZ  Venlo

the Netherlands




Founder / director

Designoir, January 1992 – August 2014

new name, new design, new concept

Studio 1.25


co-Founder, owner, director

Evoke2, January 2007 – Present


Partner / Founder
2S&P!, February 2012 – January 2014


co-Founder / director

ICSE, February 2008 – December 2010


co-Founder, director
EPEA Eindhoven

September 2009 – March 2010


Manager Communication Strategy & Design
Herman Miller, HM import agency HME

January 2007 – September 2008


LEF, March 2003 – December 2006


Art Director
La Torsa Strategische Communicatie en Media Services, 2001 – 2002


Communication Strategy & Design
CSC Designoir, 1998 – 2001


Manager Communication Strategy & Design
SYS-AID/Designoir, 1990 – 1998

The Weimaraner dog in the picture on top of the page was called Mr. Jones, after a song by The Counting Crows; I'm sure as in the song that "they" were looking at him.  Unfortunately he is no longer with us. 


Now people often see me accompanied by an Australian multigen Labradoodle, Mr. Lewis.

What it tells about me? Well I'm just fond of my dog.