Euclid, Fibonacci & Pythagoras

"A pound of feathers

won't take flight,

if there ain't

a bird inside!"

How the 1.25
Identity came
to life! Math-wise!

We want to proof to be of a constant added value to Your organisation.

While dephining your Corporate Personality we will multiply what Drives You and square your Natural talents and Ambition (DNA), go back to your roots and add the strategy for realizing your goals. Ultimately shared with You. 


No matter what value you bring, we will be just that (small) part of the equation that will electriphi your Corporate Personality.


At Studio 1.25 you will never be just a number, what counts is;

any value You bring to the equation, will result in a harmonic and effective strategy, graphic design or communication-tool which reflects Your Personality.