one can only start thinking outside  the box 

"We could write poems

but time's power

limits us to only design power items

that emit powers 

and empowers it,

for You to say

power it's me!"

once dephined and agreed upon what's inside  

Every enterprise or organisation has a solid business plan: strategic, efficient and focused. The company’s vision reflects these motives and outlines the company’s efforts towards achieving success. 


Here lies the essence of the company’s true identity. What Drives You, what are Your Natural talents and which Ambitious goals underlie this, what is Your corporate DNA?


At some point a company or organisation has been established to meet the needs of third parties, in a way that others could not or still cannot do. Unique, self-conscious and with

its own personality.



Of course, advances are made in techniques and new ways of satisfying – more easily, and more directly – the needs of target groups.

An enterprise or organisation with a vision of the future exploits such techniques in a creative manner.


This makes foresight a crucial factor when striving to function in today’s world. However, the initial requirement does not change – that is, the desire to meet needs in a strategic, efficient and focused way. Which is why 1.25’s aim is to set or find again, in collaboration with Your team, the basis for Your company's identity and develop creative tools that meet and reflect Your company’s personality.


A creative agency exists only by the grace of successful clients. Studio 1.25 regards a successful client as one who both wishes and dares to join in thinking about the creative process.


And this is most certainly needed in the process of developing communication tools, which must meet complex requirements and at the same time commit to a Corporate Identity as well. A Corporate Identity is not determined by a letterhead, logo or communication tool. Such things merely reflect the personality of a company or organisation and by themselves can never be the identity.

We want to proof to be of a constant added value to Your organisation.

While dephining your Corporate Personality we will multiply what Drives You and square your Natural talents and Ambition (DNA), go back to your roots and add the strategy for realizing your goals. Ultimately shared with You. 

No matter what value you bring, we will be just that (small) part of the equation that will electriphi your

Corporate Personality.